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Keyword Blaze ProIf you like to do your keyword and niche research using software or tools then you really should take a look at Keyword Blaze Pro. It’s only just been released but the uptake so far has been huge!

I mentioned recently that I would be doing the occasional review of various products, services, and maybe even the odd wso (warrior special offers).

So with that in mind I thought we’d start with what could just be one of the best keyword and niche research tools currently available.

I’ve used various research software over the past few years including Market Samurai, Micro Niche Finder, Brad Callen’s Niche Finder, as well as a few others and they’ve generally all been very good if you use them for what they where designed for.

The thing is they all tend to have their own strengths and weaknesses, some can be a little slow at times whilst others might only provide limited information so you really have to go with what suites you best.

Then there are the recent issues that some of these tools have had trying to access the data they need to work effectively. Google has usually been the source of a lot of the data they use but because of certain changes the software now needs to be able to work around getting the data it needs or use alternative sources.

Keyword Blaze Pro has been developed in a rather clever way that allows you to get access to the data you need for effective keyword and niche research.

It’s what is called a “server side” tool which basically means that you sort of remotely access the data you need without the risk of getting your IP address banned by Google or having to deal with annoying captcha’s.

It’s also packed with useful features that allow you to carry out research “in the background” while you work on other things so seems like it should be a good time saver.

Features Include:

Keyword Launch Pad – to start finding keyword opportunities.

Niche Storm – to discover new niches and related keywords.

Research Robot – to put your keyword research on auto pilot.

G-Rank Tracker – Yes it even has a rank tracker feature.

Amongst the vast amount of information that Keyword Blaze Pro uses are all the usual stats such as monthly searches, Adwords CPC, competition and it gives a keyword difficulty grading similar to other top-end software.

Color coding is used to make it really easy for you to make decisions as to which keywords and niches to go after.

There’s a ton of settings that you can set to your own preference, although the defaults seem pretty good right off the bat, and many more really useful features than I can go into here.

You can really drill down into the details when conducting your research very easily.

In my tests I found that it works very quickly as well although because sales have just gone through the roof it’s currently running a little slower than usual. Don’t worry about that though because the owners are dealing with it right now and I expect it to be running super fast again once things settle down and they get to grips with usage demand.

I remember being one of the lucky ones who managed to get hold of Market Samurai when it was first released at a very low price and I’d say this is looking like an even better opportunity at the moment.

So don’t wait too long!

I jumped at this straight away and I’d say at least go and take a look while you can get this for a one time payment.

You Can Check out Keyword Blaze Pro Here

Please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments once you’ve tried the software.