Okay so if you’re reading this then you’re probably thinking about how to get started and earn some money Online, you might have even made a start? If you’ve already got a little experience but are struggling then don’t be put of from reading this because it’s not going to be the usual pitch fest!

I want to cover some of the aspects that can hold you back or even lead to people quitting after a few months, which is unfortunately a fairly common occurrence.

One of the first things to decide if you’re thinking about starting to make money Online is what exactly do you want from it. What I mean is that you will need to take a different approach if you really want to get serious and not just have a bit of fun with it as a part time hobby.

I think that whatever you decide ideally it should be enjoyable and fun, or else why would you want to bother? There is however a difference between just playing around a bit or actually getting serious and starting a business.

Now if starting a business sounds a bit too heavy at the moment then don’t be put off, it’s actually not that bad. One of the best things about earning Online is that you can start really small with virtually no costs involved.

Then you can scale it up and hopefully go on to make a full time living or maybe a lot more when you’re ready.

So what’s the problem here then?

Well the part you just read about starting for virtually nothing and then going on to make a lot of money is all too tempting for the majority of people, deep down most of us would like it to be as easy as possible, with very little work, to achieve the success we dream about.

With Online business there are countless examples of real people who make a very good living from it, or have made a ton of cash in a fairly short time, but all is not always as it seems.

Some of the best examples are people who you could say where in the “right place at the right time” and with the right idea of course. This is just the same as some people who achieve success offline, but it is not the way most people find success or make a living.

If you want to take a chance on achieving your own personal idea of success by waiting for the next big thing and hoping that you think of it first, then you might as well keep buying the lottery ticket as well.

You might win eventually, but then again you might not!

While you’re chasing the secrets to that pot of gold, there will probably be many others who have actually seen some good results and maybe even well on their way to achieving the success they’re working hard for?

Didn’t like the bit about working hard?

You normally hear that it’s easy, takes no skill, no money etc, etc…

Well the good news is that’s just about right. Starting your online venture can be very cheap and you don’t need to be an expert or web designer, it can also be considered fairly easy and I can tell you it gets easier still as you progress, but unfortunately there is still work to be done here.

Enjoy your work!

So here we are with Internet Marketing Hurdle Number One.

It’s important to put aside the blurry dreams of sports cars, beaches, and NO WORK INVOLVED for now at least, the people who are lucky enough to have achieved that have usually already done their hard work and are now reaping the rewards.

The so called “work” though doesn’t have to be like the daily grind of working for a boss. You will probably want to be your own boss so you can choose the work you do and when you do it.

If you’re clever about how you plan your “work” you can pick the tasks you like to do so that it’s much more enjoyable that way. You might have to do some of the things you’d rather not when you first start, but once you get going then it’s both easy and suprisingly cost effective to outsource just about anything.

So Just Get Over It!

Accept the fact that there is some so called work involved in just about anything you do and particularly if you want to succeed, then you’re in a much better position to move forward and start to make a go of this.

The Rewards Can Certainly Be More Than Worth The Effort!!

Up Next – So what the heck really is Internet Marketing anyway?

Sounds obvious?

Have a think about what you believe this whole Internet Marketing thing is really about and then come back and see if we agree…