So now you’ve decided that you’re going to do Internet marketing have you really thought about what that actually means? Have a look around just about any of the larger forums and virtually every week you’ll see at least a few so called newbie marketers asking how they should get started. If they’re really lucky then they might have actually chosen the business model they want to try to make money with, but a lot of the time they just want to “do Internet marketing.”

It’s almost like setting yourself up for failure because Internet marketing isn’t really a business model, it’s a term that covers a whole host of different business models. I know we all tend to use the term very lightly but when you’re new to making money online it can just add to the initial confusion and extend any learning curve you have to go through.

How to really get started with Internet marketing?

So if you want to get started and have a realistic chance of actually building a business online, whether it is just a part time hobby or you are are looking to make it full time, then the first thing you’ll need to do is decide exactly what type business you are actually going to try and ideally not just Internet marketing.

You might end up using more than just one business model but it’s probably best to concentrate on one main area at the beginning, and then there are a ton of different methods, techniques, and tactics that can be applied in various ways. Some examples of what you might need to consider could be:

Affiliate Marketing – Often recommended for beginners to make a start with.

Service Providers – Web design, coding, graphics, content, SEO, link building.

Advertising – PPC, Adsense, PPV, there are many advertising based opportunities.

All the above and a lot more could all be referred to as part of Internet marketing, and various businesses, websites, and companies can be built around these and many other aspects of online or offline business, sometimes a combination of both.

So don’t just “do Internet marketing!”

Understand the business you want to try and how it works, then the next thing you want to do is work on getting your business plan together. Not necessarily something over complicated, just something that will give you direction and that works for you.

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