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I’ve noticed recently that there appears to be a bit of a shift in the wso game. If you don’t already know about warrior special offers then you might like to take a look here but don’t get your wallet out just yet! WSO’s can be a great way to get your hands on some really useful software, tools, and Internet marketing related products before they go mainstream, you can usually get them at quite a cheap price as well but you do need to exercise a little caution.

I’ve run a few wso’s over the past couple of years such as for the Affiliate Manual & Complete Marketing Tool Kit which is a quality product and a really comprehensive package, it’s a useful way to get some early feedback and also to help with fine tune things a little.

Although there are a lot of good wso’s there are also quite a few that you should probably think twice about before taking the plunge. Claims of instant wealth and even millionaire status are not uncommon and there are plenty of “get rich quick”  products but a lot are just re-hashed crap that you might as well not bother wasting your time on.

Just as with most Internet marketing products the most successful warrior special offers don’t sell in the thousands merely because they’re a good product. They tend to have some fairly slick marketers promoting them in a number of ways and often working together or cross promoting each others offers. If you get sucked in by the promises of wso riches and easy money then just try listing your own wso and see what happens?

Probably not much unless you really know how it works.

One recent development that i’ve seen around is people running wso’s having their Paypal accounts closed. It appears that downloadable IM related products are considered high risk and perhaps refund rates and the number of Paypal scams over recent months is part of the reason.

I’ve been thinking about starting a section where I review some of the better wso’s as well as other products that might be of interest to readers and members, but if I decide to go ahead with it I want to make sure that it will provide real value. If you’ve been around here before then you’ll know that I will only recommend products or services that I either use or consider to be a legitimate and valuable resource for my members and readers of this blog.

So if you come across any wso’s or other IM related products that you’d like me to take a look at just leave a comment or get in touch using the contact details on the main site and I’ll see what I can do. I can’t promise to fit all requests in but I’ll try to help as much as possible.