Should you Sell Digital or Physical Products?

There’s a lot of people who think about starting a business to make money online.

More often than not, when they first think about it, they probably plan on selling physical products?

Maybe it’s something that they’re going to buy in, or dropship, they may even have their own products to sell?

For a company with plenty of resources such as staff, time, and cash, selling online doesn’t pose much of a problem. They will pay a lot to get a professional marketing company to arrange the set up of their website or websites in the correct way, then pump hundreds, probably thousands of dollars into site promotion. Running vast PPC camapaigns, buying add space, and building thousands of links every month.

Individuals like most of us don’t usually have that amount of resources available when starting out. There are also those who’ve been unlucky enough to get laid of in recent years.

So generally speaking, most individuals don’t want to pump a lot of cash into it when first getting started,

So what tends to happen?

You start to have a look into how to make money online, and before you know it, you’ve forgotten about the physical goods you were going to sell, and guess what?

You just stumbled across the the wonder of eBooks, and other digitally downloadable products such as eCourses.

You can see that some marketers are making thousands a month selling these things, you don’t have to deal with the products, and commissions are staggeringly high at between 50-75% on courses that can run into hundreds of dollars!

So off you go to the usual places, you know where I mean?

You start to promote some of the best selling products, they’re selling so many, that you must be able to at least sell a few? Perhaps just one a day, not like the “big boys” but that’s still maybe $200 a week for starters.

It can, and is, being done for sure, digitally downloadable products are fantastic. I’ve sold them for the last few years, and I’ve now got some of my own.

So what’s the catch?

Well not so much of a catch really, it’s just that it can be really tough, especially when first getting started.

It’s fiercely competitive at the top, when you go after some of the best sellers, you immediately put yourself up against not only loads of competition from other newbies, but also some of the best marketers out there.

Conversions rates do vary a lot, but it’s not uncommon for digitally downloadable products to be less than 1%, some will do much better, all I’m saying is that it can be tough.

Just check out a few of the comments on blogs and forums and you’ll see what I mean.

Next – Find out what can be different about promoting physical goods, it’ll make you smile 🙂

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