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So what the heck are “ready to go” websites all about?

Well I’m sure you’ll probably have come across the “business in a box” or turnkey websites as they’re sometimes called. They make it sound so easy but do you really think you’re going to make any money with those offers and promises of no work required – I didn’t think so.

There is nothing wrong though with having a custom made website created for you but if you’re just getting started $200 for a basic small niche site might just be too much.

There is a middle ground though and that’s where the “ready to go” website offer fits in nicely.

You can check out what’s currently on offer over at my Internet services site at

The websites start from just $25 and will only be sold in small amounts, usually just 25 so that it keeps competition to a minimum. The offer is for the website only so you will need to purchase a domain name.



What can  do you need to do with the websites

Getting a website like those available can help you get set up really quickly but I have to say that you will still have to follow the usual process to make money as with any website.

Content + Traffic = Income

You have a number of PLR articles to get you started and the first thing I would recommend is giving these a bit of a rewrite to make them unique. It’s well worth it and should only take a couple of hours at most.

Then it’s just a case of getting visitors to your website to make money and you can do that by using existing contacts such as Facebook or Twitter to start with. You can also submit articles and learn to drive traffic by getting good search engine rankings.

There are also paid methods that you can use to get traffic but you’ll then have to balance your expenditure with your income to ensure you make a profit and don’t just lose your cash.

To really take the website forward you can obviously go on to add more unique content over the next few weeks or months and build both the website and traffic up as you go.

So yes, there is some work involved but at least you can get going quickly and spend your time on what will actually bring results which is getting visitors to your website.

If this sounds interesting just go to to take a look at the various website creation options available.

There’s even a free website creation option you might want to take a look at if you’re on a really tight budget or just getting started.