In previous posts we’ve had a look at how you can avoid some of the earliest mistakes that people make when they want to start Internet marketing. A couple of key points were to get over the fact that it’s not all about fast cars, beaches, and cocktails, but that it certainly does take some work.

On the the plus side of things though the rewards can certainly be worth it!

The second main point was that you need to decide exactly what it is you are going to do, and not just “Do Internet Marketing.” There are many different business models and methods to choose from and use, then once you have that sorted out the next stage on your path to success is to formulate your plan of action.

You can call it what you like but it’s basically a fairly simple form of business planning.

Now the first thing to remember here is that it doesn’t have to be over complicated, we’re not trying to persuade some large investment company to put up a lot of cash, and we’re not running a complicated multi-national company. So keep it simple and something that you can work with and understand.

If you can’t follow it then it’s no good!

You can use whatever you like to get your plan together, spreadsheets, powerpoint, or just plain pen and paper is all fine. You might want to keep it in a file, but it’s always a good idea to display at least the summary and tasks schedules so they work as a bit of an incentive and help you get on with it.

A basic outline would be to take the business model such as affiliate marketing and then decide on the methods you are going to use such as building 10 niche websites over a 3 month period, that is the start of a plan with a specific goal and time to complete it.

The next stage is to break that down into tasks:

Site building – Installation, graphics, content, seo, monetization

Promotion – Social Bookmarking, Web 2.0, link building, PPC

Review Progress – statistics, rankings, ROI

That is just a brief example.

Then you can break these down even further and assign specific tasks, how often and when to do them, and how long to complete. You can create schedules and checklists to monitor your progress.

Then finally you need to set review points at which you will check progress and results, review and change you plans accordingly to help keep you on track and working towards your objective.

So now you should find yourself in a much stronger position to get started with your Internet marketing business? y

You should have a clear idea of exactly how you are going to try to make money Online, and have your own plan to help you get started and work towards achieving your main objectives.

If you’d like to know a lot more about this then there is a detailed business planning guide complete with spreadsheets, templates, and blueprints available as part of the Affiliate Manual & Complete Marketing Tool Kit.