You can go your own way and try to learn everything yourself, it can be done, but that leads to what is one of the first major obstacles you face when trying to start an online business.

There’s simply too much information available, even if you spent 2 years researching, you couldn’t possibly read everything available on internet marketing.

It’s easy to feel you’re making progress because you keep finding a new “secret” that’s not well known yet, or you come across the guy who made £50,000 in his first month. Maybe he did, but can it be repeated?

So come on, “cut the crap and tell me what to do!”

Okay, I give in, let’s get back to reality here.

If you want to start a business, learn a profession or new skill in the “real world” what do you do?

Yep, you go to college!

Or on a training course, that teaches you how to put all that theory into practice.

Then when you’ve got started, you’ll probably begin to meet up with others like yourself, share ideas, failures and successes.

This is where the magic can really start to happen?

You’re cutting through all the noise, confusion, and downright crap, you’re finding out what really does work.

You’re Actually Starting to Focus!

This should begin to make some sense now, you simply don’t make progress by just learning, throwing up some random project such as a website, and hoping that it works?

Can’t afford to pay for training?

Then have a look at forums or free memberships to start with, you can at least start hanging about with people who are doing the same as you, trying to make money online.

Better still, get into a place where there are real people not just trying to make money online, but actually doing it.

Hint: The clues in the title – Online Income Achievers!

Sorry about the small sales pitch – but we are marketers after all?

So let’s keep going and take a look at the essential elements you must look for when choosing your training provider, and maybe even picking a mentor to follow…

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