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As far as conversions rates are concerned, it doesn’t always mean the prettiest sites will get the best results?

So what else can you look at?

We’ve already decided that it’s important to step back, and have a think about what your site is there for.

Is it’s purpose to generate adsense clicks or affiliate sales. If your main purpose is to get affiliate sales, why would you want visitors leaving your site and generating you maybe just 20-50 cents a click. That $120 adsense could be up to 600 visitors that clicked away from your website, how much might you have made if they’d left through your affiliate links, if you didn’t have adsense on the site?

I’ve seen websites where they have adsense at the top of each page or post, with no obvious “call to action,” maybe even a small “more info” type link at the end of the content, which is actually their affiliate link. The only thing that’s possibly effective there is the adsense placement, sometimes that’s the idea if the site’s “made for adsense,” but it won’t do well for affiliate sales.

Confusing or over elaborate site navigation can also be an issue, if your visitors can’t find what they want, they’ll leave.

I don’t know what it is currently, but they reckon that you’ve only got something like 5 seconds to get a visitors attention, it doesn’t really matter exactly how long it is, next time you’re looking at stats, see how many visits to your site were less than 20 seconds.

Before I give you a few more things you can check, let’s remember we started this series with a website that had massive traffic, but issues with it’s focus, and conversion rates.

Remember 15,000 visitors a month for about $150.

Now take a site that gets just 10 visitors a day, but has a 4 % conversion rate. Average product price is around $300 and pays 20% commission, so that’s $60 per sale.

Just 300 visits a month but it can generate $720 – that’s more like it!

You don’t always need masses of traffic to make some reasonable money, but you would need more websites.

For any sceptics out there, there are plenty of commissions like that to be made, you just need to dig into the right affiliate networks and find them.

One of the affiliate programs that I use pays those sort of commissions, in fact, they can go as high as 20% of just over $2,000.

Yes – that’s a $400 commission for just one sale!

It just gets even better though, because after the customer has purchased, their details are linked to my affiliate account, so I get all the commissions on future purchases they make as well – which is very nice!

If you want to find out about niches like that, just spend a while trying to dig them out.

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Next time you’re struggling with a site, just consider a few basic points like these:

1. What is the main goal for my website?
Adsense, selling own product, affiliate sales, opt-ins, services.

2. Is the website correctly focused on the target market?
Are you targeting businesses, individuals, what demographics etc

3. What type of keywords are fetching traffic?
Informational, buying, reviews.

4. Is the content appropriate and focussed?
Appropriate for visitors, and focussed on the task.

5. Is your content informational or review based?
Should it sell or pre-sell.

6. Is there an obvious “call to action”?
Make sure visitors know what to do next.

7. Is the site navigation clear and easy to follow?
Remember how long visitors might stay on your site.

8. Are you promoting the right products to the right audience?
If they’re not buying, maybe try something different.

I hope you find this article useful and please don’t under estimate the difference a few subtle changes can make to your website?

Now go and have a look at your websites conversion rates,

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