So you’ve decided you want to give internet marketing, or affiliate marketing, a go?

You probably know by now that it can greatly increase, and speed up, your chances of success if you choose the right internet marketing training course, but with so many available, how do you know what to look for?

Internet marketing training courses come in many different forms, some are fixed terms maybe for 4-6 weeks, others might run for 3,6 or 12 months. Then there are the open ended membership types, you stay as long as you want, or need to, and will probably have regularly updated content.

Course content delivery includes the usual reports, eBooks, articles, newsletters, audio and obviously those beloved videos.

Students just love to learn by watching videos, often they’ll run for 1-2 hours or more, so at least you know you’re getting fantastic value for what you’re paying?

I’ve seen some really good educational videos by top marketers, and spent hours learning a lot of great methods and techniques, but there’s that problem again.

Too much time spent learning “all the stuff you absolutely need to know to succeed.”

Or do you?

Don’t try to learn everything before you start, or you’ll probably never get going!

When you decide to start a training course, or join a membership, think about how the content is delivered, and more importantly, how YOU will manage your progression and time.

Sometimes people feel cheated when they pay for a course, only to find that once they get in, they don’t get access to all the content straight away.

Stop and think a minute though, when you where at school or college, did they just let you in the room, throw all the books and a few videos right down in front of you, and say:

“There you go kid, you’ve got 12 months to learn it all, your on your own now. Oh, forgot to say, I’ll pop back in a few months to sell you some more videos that you’re definitely gonna need!”

If you’re the type that copes well with pressure, can sort out the right path to follow, and be extremely disciplined with spending your time on the right things, and not just what you like the most, then this approach might work for you?

For most people, they need someone to bring some structure to their eduction, a clear path, with simple steps to follow. Yes, some of what you need to learn may be difficult to follow, but that’s when you should be able to ask for some help and support, and the tutor should step in to provide that.

When you’ve learned a certain amount, it’s then time to start putting theory into practice. Time to refine your skills, using some practical exercises or projects. This is when you start to see if you can make things work, you learn by your initial mistakes, and start to see more success.

Your learning curve has just gone ballistic!

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