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article traffic jackpotI’m sure you heard that article marketing was once a really good way to get additional traffic to your websites as well as building backlinks at the same time? Well the good news is that despite all the recent rubbish about how “article marketing is dead” it can still be extremely effective but only if you do it the right way.

Oh, and did I mention you can still earn money from your content as well as getting traffic and links – so you’re basically doing one article for 3X benefit. In this post I just wanted to bring to your attention a really useful package a friend of mine has released that you might find very beneficial in your marketing.

I’ve just been through this and it’s already sold 100+ copies!

The creator is a lady called called Lee Mellott who can make $1,000+ from her articles so I think that shows that she really knows what she’s talking about.

Article traffic jackpot goes into great detail about just how to succeed with article marketing but also other web 2.0 sites such as Squidoo. As if that wasn’t enough she’s also included a revenue share guide as well as promotion schedule spreadsheets and a number of other short guides covering specific aspects related to getting the best from your articles.

Here’s what’s included:

1. Article Traffic Jackpot Guide – Step by step guide walks you through what you need to do to drive traffic to your content.

2. Article Traffic Jackpot Spreadsheet – Easy to use spreadsheet to help take your business to a new level.

3.Revenue Share Riches – Learn why writing for the revenues sites can be a great way to make bank.

4. Squidoo Fast Cash – This report shows exactly what you need to do to put the Revenue Share Site Riches report plan in action and using the criteria in Squidoo Fast Cash you will create “lenses” that can make recurring income month after month.

5. Article Gold – Learn how to find topics that can be killer money makers from the get go.

6. Article Traffic Jackpot Fast Action Plan. This tells you at a glance what you have to do to get moving fast!

It’s currently available as a WSO (warrior special offer) dimesale listing so if you act fast you should be able to get it while the price is really low.

Check out Article Traffic Jackpot Here

You know I only recommend quality products and the information and techniques she discloses in this package are worth much more than she’s charging at the moment.