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Follow Our Step By Step Training or Let Us Create Your Website For You!

Learn how to make money online by promoting other people’s products and services or even your own.

Sell advertising space or collect email subscribers to build your list.

Successful Business People.Building a successful business online can be confusing and overwhelming when you’re just getting started. Maybe you already have your own product or want to create your own, perhaps you’re thinking about promoting products as an affiliate but you’re just not sure how all of this works.

Online Income Achievers is all about helping people get started and then go on to develop their web based business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete novice or more advanced the methods you’ll learn here are all real methods used by real people to make money online.

Internet Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated!

Whether you want to take an existing business online, start from scratch or even just have a website for a hobby this doesn’t have to be as complicated as it might sound, and with the training and support that’s available here you can be up and running really quickly.


“After an hour or so, I suddenly had learnt more by just talking to Neill than I had in the last six months listening to the so called ‘gurus’!”

When you enter the world of online marketing – it can be very daunting … so much to learn, and so much bull**it to cut through, and I was actually at the point of giving up when I met Neill.

Neill had helped with a big web development job for me, and we got chatting about my problems with online marketing – after an hour or so, I suddenly had learnt more by just talking to Neill than I had in the last six months listening to the so called ‘gurus’!

At that time, I wasn’t actually looking for a coach …but I decided to join Neill’s membership program, and I have never looked back since! I now feel confident with online marketing, my websites are earning and I am taking my websites to the next level with all the new skills I have learnt –

Thanks Neill, your training has been invaluable!!

Amanda Mathers http://www.stressmanagementforbusywomen.com/

About Online Income Achievers

Online Income Achievers was first established in early 2009. Initially focused on creating small niche websites OIA has now evolved to provide training, resources and support to get people started with their own web based business as well as helping to develop existing businesses online.

It doesn’t have to be as complicated or costly as you might think and even a complete beginner can get started quickly and for little more than the cost of a cheap meal out.

You’ll find step by step videos tutorials covering different Internet marketing disciplines from just getting started to creating your website. Then there’s WordPress training, search engine optimization, traffic generation, list building and social media.

You’ll also be pleased to hear that you get support included, just get in touch with any questions you might have and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Chris Walton “He does what he says, something I have found often doesn’t happen.

I highly recommend Neil for anything to do with website development, internet marketing and consultancy.”

I needed two new websites and had used 6 web developers trying to get them right before finding Neil. He guided me through the process of setting up two internet marketing effective websites whilst still looking professional and not overly salezy like a lot you see on the web.

His attention to detail is excellent and he has been available for me to ask questions either by email and skype and has always got back to me within 24 max, And he does what he says, something i have found often doesn’t happen.

If only i would have found him before i would have saved £1000’s. I find Neil unique in the web development world because not only does he create good designs and keeps changing them as you want them until they are right, but also he knows internet marketing which most web developers do not.

I highly recommend Neil for anything to do with website development, internet marketing and consultancy.

Chris Walton MSc Performance Psychologist, Author, Creator of Gamma Healing. http://www.gamma-healing.com/

Who Operates OIA?

Online Income Achievers is owned and managed by myself, Neill Cook. I have been a full time Internet marketer since 2008 and as well as running OIA I also have a number of other web based businesses.

After starting with small niche websites I moved on to creating larger authority style websites as well as offering website development and services including search engine optimization, link building,  social media integration and providing personal coaching to select clients.

Combining over 5 years experience of starting and operating my own websites as well as helping clients with starting and developing their business online means I can provide invaluable support for clients and members when they need it.

$13,234 in 11 Days From Just a Small
Website and 564 Subscribers!

In just a moment I’m going to show how you can quickly get started in a very specific way to create multiple streams of income that are getting results like these for both myself and clients:

$13,234.80 in 11 Days!

$1178.80 Commission
from just 4 Sales!

Even quick & easy to set up small niche websites can generate results like those and that’s without having to get hardly any traffic and it really doesn’t have to take long to get plenty of visitors even to a brand new website.

This website went live on 20th April 2014 and received over 1260 visits in just the first few days and that’s with no paid traffic.


Another Website Launch

Here’s another older website launched right at the end of April 2013 and it was already up to 958 unique visitors by the end of May but more importantly over 3,600 visits in just the first full month!

website launch 2013

If you look carefully you’ll notice that although the website only had a small number of pages at this stage those visitors actually accounted for over 9,000 page views so it’s not all just about how many visitors you get but also about interaction on the website.

So that’s what we’ll start with but it doesn’t stop there…


Okay so there’s a little more to it than just more visitors means more money but I show you exactly what you need to do and how to get tons of traffic to your sites as well as maximizing conversions to help you get the best from each website.

How much money can you make?

That’s really down to you, I provide everything you need in the way of knowledge, training, and support. How much you can make depends on many factors including the amount of time and effort you put into this, but you need to remember what you set out to do and what the possible rewards can be.

You can promote your own products and services, other peoples products as an affiliate from places like Amazon, Commission Junction, Affiliate Window, Clickbank, or use other monetization methods such as CPA or Adsense and there are many more alternatives.

At an average conversion rate of between 1-4% you might get about 25-100 sales per month but it does depend on the site and what you are promoting. Remember that commissions on each sale can vary as well depending on the products you promote.

So as you can see, how much you make would really depend on the exact conversion rate and your commission amounts.

It’s easy to find products that will pay $30-50 per commission – or more!


Stefan Kuchar “If you’re seriously looking to start an Online business or develop an existing one then I’d highly recommend Neill for training, consultancy and web based business development.”

After deciding it was time to start my Online business I found Neill (the owner of Online Income Achievers) who has since helped me to get my website and products set up. He has helped to develop my Online business by first discussing my requirements and offering help with the things I was unsure about, then advising on the best way to proceed.

He then created a great looking website and blog for me as well as social media pages that are fully integrated with the website to help make them easy to update. Neill proved very knowledgeable and helpful using his experience of Internet marketing and web based business to provide me with consultation and training to help with the ongoing development of my Online business. Always easy to contact, quick to respond and provide ongoing support if needed.

If you’re seriously looking to start an Online business or develop an existing one then I’d highly recommend Neill for training, consultancy and web based business development.

Stefan Kuchar – Author, Speaker & Holistic Life Coach http://stefankuchar.com/

How Can This Help You?

Online Income Achievers is for anyone who wants to get started online or develop their existing web based business. You can operate your website for a hobby or to make money online whether that be to supplement your existing income or perhaps even quit your day job.

It’s also a great place for people who already have their own offline business but realise they really need to have an online presence to take it to another level. More and more offline businesses are struggling to survive without some sort of presence on the web and it’s only going to get more competitive.

You’re not limited to how you can monetize your online business either. Although so called “free methods” such as article marketing and web 2.0 websites are covered the main focus is on creating your own web based business that you own.

Once you know how this works you can create your online business (website) or even let us create it for you if you prefer. Then you can monetize it using either your own products or services,  affiliate products and offers using affiliate networks such as Amazon, Clickbank, Affiliate Window, Commission Junction, CPA offers, Adsense or other contextual advertising, selling advertising when you get enough traffic, or even sell your business on at some stage.

If you’ve already tried to start your online business and found yourself struggling like many people do then the refreshingly hype free environment here could be just what you need to finally make a breakthrough and get you on your way.

Overcome common problems such as:

  • You don’t really know where or how to get started
  • You heard about hosting, domains, ftp, ppc, cpa, ctr and wonder what it’s all about
  • You’ve already had a website  but it never did very well
  • You’re baffled by the technology side if things and feel frustrated and lost
  • Buying the latest “shiny object” products, wso’s but it’s not really working out


What If I’d Rather Have a Website Created For Me?

You don’t have to be a member to use this service and if you don’t want to create the website yourself then let us do that for you.

Choose from one of the available website packages or get in touch for a custom quote and we’ll create your website quickly for you and then you can concentrate on getting visitors and making sales.

You can still join the membership if you wish and take full advantage of the training in there to help you update and manage your website as well as learning how to increase visitors and many other topics.

Dawn Reeves “Working with Neill has been fantastic.”

Working with Neill has been fantastic, the site looks great and I’ve had positive feedback from people who’ve visited it.

The process has been excellent, it’s been highly collaborative, with honest advice and helpful (understandable) explanations of technical matters that I hadn’t a clue about. And he’s fast!

Definitely happy to recommend Neill’s work.

Dawn Reeves, Author of Hard Change – a Sharp Edged Political Thriller. http://www.hardchange.com/

OIA is Here to Help you Make This Work

The goal here at OIA is to help you get started online and go on to develop a successful business that can last for years to come. Setting up so called “passive income streams” still takes some effort but the rewards are well worth it.

Fast Track Your Progress

If you really don’t want to spend ages trying to figure things out all by yourself then you might want to take a closer look at what is available to our Members.

  • Discover how to set up your website the right way
  • What it takes to get tons of visitors to your site
  • Article Marketing Insider Secrets
  • Effective Search Engine Optimization
  • Web 2.0 and Social Media
  • How to use free or inexpensive tools to speed your progress
  • Effective outsourcing
  • Personal Support

and much more…

Kelly Monaghan “He’s a terrific colleague to have on your team.”

Neill helped me create and split test a sales page. Not only were his layout skills impeccable, but his sage advice and strategic wisdom guided me smoothly through a confusing and frustrating process.

He’s a terrific colleague to have on your team.

Kelly Monaghan The Home Based Travel Agent Resource Center.

Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course



“Been there personally with me every step of the way”

I must say that my personal experience with Neil is that, unlike most “gurus” who sell you their training course and leave you to fend for yourself, he has been there personally with me every step of the way when I’ve gotten stuck, now matter how trivial!

That’s real value!

There’s no magic bullet in the real world and the course drives home some good, timely concepts that ensures success for anyone who puts the required work into it.

Neil knows his stuff,

Daniel Euergetes www.plaindoortosuccess.com

You Can Get Started Right Away…

Complete beginners can start with the 5 Day Internet Marketing Basics Guide which will help you get up to speed with how Online marketing works and some of the various ways to make money.

Then you can quickly move on to the Full 8 Week Course which shows how to set up your own online business from scratch, and then how to get visitors to your website so you can make money.

The training shows complete beginners what really works and will take you from just getting started to having your very own web based business. Then when you’re ready you can move on to using more advanced methods and techniques that are available to members and can really explode your profits.

So if you want to begin building your Internet business today just sign up to access the training modules, content, tutorials, videos, resources and we’ll get started right away.


Get Access Now for a ONE TIME PAYMENT of Just $97 $47.00

What’s Included

  • Getting started guide and basic training
    Your introduction and basic training to making money online.
  • Build your first money making website – it’s time to make it really happen!
    Get your first proper website live and then into making profit as soon as possible with this easy to follow course.
  • Specific training modules covering numerous internet marketing methods
    150+ videos and written tutorials covering topics such as article marketing & using free sites, traffic generation, SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay per click), and much more…
  • The secrets to scaling your income
    Find out how to really ramp up your results. This is what you usually never find out when just starting out and why many people never make enough to ever consider going full time with this.
  • Tools
    Don’t throw your money away on expensive tools that you don’t need until you can afford them. We tell you where to find the free tools which can really speed up your progress and increase your chances of success.
  • Additional resources
    Schedules, spreadsheet templates, business planning, and other useful content to help manage and improve your progress.
  • Support
    Got a problem, need to ask questions or send a cry for help if you’re stuck? Just contact support and we’ll respond as soon as possible. All we ask is that you take into account the time difference between countries.

and that’s just the start!

What Do You Need

  • Cost to access the Membership – anything else is optional.
    If you want to get straight on with your own website then a domain name is a one off cost of between $5-10, and you’ll need web hosting which can be found for around $5-10 month and no contracts (We’ll tell you where to get this and how to set it all up)
  • Special skills and experience – none required!
    We show you everything you need to know as well as being available for support if needed.
  • How much time?
    It really depends on your circumstances and how fast you want to progress, but between 5-10 hours per week should be good and that can be on one day or spread out across the week.


Watch Over My Shoulder!

You get access to a ton of content including an 8 week course where I show you exactly how to build profitable websites including real examples. Everything you need to know from start to finish is covered, then you can move on to more advanced techniques within the training areas and learn how to take your business to a much higher level.

Plus there are over 150+ videos, tons of written tutorials, resources and more available to members.

Topics Covered Include :

  • WordPress Tutorials
  • Niche Websites
  • Larger “Authority” Websites
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Traffic Generation Methods
  • Social Media
  • List Building & Auto-Responders
  • Article Marketing & Web 2.0
  • Content Creation
  • Increasing Conversions

It’s all here for you when you’re ready to get started…


Get Access Now for a ONE TIME PAYMENT of Just $97 $47.00


To Your Success!

Kind regards,






P.S. Just in case you’re wondering, I really am available to help members with anything IM related.

If you have any questions or queries then please feel free to contact me at Neill@OnlineIncomeAchievers.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.